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Wage and Classification

Classification % of Scale Wage Benefits
Pre-Apprentice 45% $13.02 Partial
Pre-Apprentice 50% $14.47 Partial
1st year 1st period 60% $17.36 Health Care and NEBF
1st year 2nd period 65% $18.81 Health Care and NEBF
2nd year 70% $20.26 Health Care, Pension, NEBF
3rd year 75% $21.71 Health Care, Pension, NEBF
4th year 80% $24.60 Health Care, Pension, NEBF
Journeyman 100% $28.94 Health Care, Pension, NEBF

1 thought on “Current Wage & Classification Scale”

  1. I feel my skill level is at least at Apprentice Level 1 and maybe II, so I want to do it right and work under the IBEW guidelines and get my card and progress to Journeyman from there, because I value the protections the union offers.

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Current Wage & Classification Scale