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Wages & Benefits

Thanks to the collective work of our Union Representation and Signatory Contractors, in effort to realize and extend an ethical and moral obligation to our most valuable assets, our skilled workers, through Collective Bargaining we proudly offer the following pay scale and benefits effective January 1, 2023 through November 30, 2023.

Classification% of JIW ScaleHourly Wage*BenefitsTotal Package
1st Year/1st Semester60$17.36YES$23.68
1st Year/2nd Semester65$18.81YES$25.22
2nd Year70$20.26YES$28.59
3rd Year75$21.71YES$30.26
4th Year85$24.60YES$33.60

*Health Care (Major Medical, Emergency, Prescription, Dental, Vision, etc.)

*Retirement (National Electrical Benefit Fund and Local Pension @ 9%, optional IBEW Pension)

*Education (no cost extended for tuition)


Increases to our scale are introduced in 6 month intervals.