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Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician Classifications

Helping Meet the Needs of Our Students and I.B.E.W. Local 553 Partner Contractors and their Customers The IBEW’s “Construction Wireman” and “Construction Electrician” (CW/CE) classifications each offer candidates working in the electrical industry, as well as new entrants into the industry working as apprentices with the Raleigh-Durham Electrical J.A.T.C., the opportunity to qualify to work, improve and progress as professional union electrical workers. With the CW/CE classifications, all electrical workers with good work ethics and good attitudes can find a place in the union electrical industry and opportunities for advancement – and the Raleigh-Durham Electrical J.A.T.C. program will provide training whenever a CW/CE worker’s skills need upgrading. The J.A.T.C. is therefore tasked with the education, time-tracking and record-keeping of CE/CW workers and apprentices. The CW/CE, in turn, allows union signatory contractors to better provide superior, cost-effective electrical installations by filling the gaps between the I.B.E.W.’s apprentice and journeyman stages and expanding the I.B.E.W. workforce.
The I.B.E.W. CW/CE classification system:
  1. Provides properly classified non-journey level workers at an appropriate pay level;
  2. Provides I.B.E.W. Local 553 with a means to responsibly recruit individuals – your potential employees – who have electrical experience;
  3. Provides a means to train additional apprentices and provide appropriate career paths for individuals based on personal qualifications; and
  4. Protects the integrity of our apprenticeship program and the journeyman classification, allowing us to provide you with the best-trained workforce available.