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Jobsite: Interests and Abilities

Electrical work can be challenging, complex, physically demanding, and very rewarding. We have found that applicant who have not worked on construction projects, received specific training, or who do not have friends or relatives in the industry are often unfamiliar with the wide range of tasks electrical workers perform, or the skills needed today to be a successful electrical worker. Listed are a few of the many activities and capabilities electricians engage in and perform to meet the demands of the jobsite.

  • Develop alternative solutions to problems
  • Communication, both verbal and written
  • Read and interpret technical documents (schematics, wire diagrams, blueprints, etc.)
  • Plan and organize tasks to meet deadlines
  • Understand electrical and mechanical systems and processes
  • Be self motivated, responsible, and dependable
  • Take ownership and pride in the work performed
  • Remain calm in an emergency situation
  • Work smoothly with others as a team to complete tasks; as well
  • Work independently to complete tasks
  • Maintain balance and perform construction tasks on a ladder
  • Coordinate body movements when using tools or equipment
  • Traverse irregular surfaces while maintaining balance
  • Perform physical tasks all day without becoming overly tired
  • Use hands to manipulate small wires and objects
  • Work with both hands
  • Regularly lift objects up to 50lbs.
  • Occasionally lift objects over 50lbs.
  • Climb ladders and poles up to 25 feet in height
  • Work at heights
  • Work in extreme hot and cold temperature conditions
  • Work in noisy environments
  • Work in trenches, manholes and vertical shafts

The fact that you have not or cannot acquire a particular ability does not prevent you from applying for the apprenticeship program, but it could present a problem during your training and/ or on the job. Some preparatory steps you can take include:

  1. Look for books on electrical construction work in the library or at a book store.
  2. Find internet resources on electrical construction (YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.).
  3. Visit the Electrical Training Alliance online at
  4. Enroll in the ETA’s online Tech Math course. To access the course, go to
  5. Contact the Training Director of the local JATC.

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