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Staff and Instructors

Office Staff

Carey Rongitsch, Training Director


Bobby Cox | 1st Year Instructor

“I am a current Journey-level worker that went through the NJATC Apprenticeship, and graduated top of my class in 2019. My goal is to meet every student where they are, and “shape” them into the future leaders of our trade. I want to challenge every student todo their absolute best, and encourage them to succeed.”

Ezra Byrd | 2nd Year Instructor

“I am a graduate of the Raleigh-Durham JATC, and it is one of the proudest accomplishments in my life! After graduating at the top of my class, I understood how critical the apprenticeship is to our industry and decided to contribute any way that I could to its growth. I have dedicated myself to the betterment of the apprenticeship program and to the future of our apprentices.”

Henry Concubierta | 3rd Year Instructor

“I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have been doing electrical work since 1994 doing projects from small fit-ups to electrical substations. The apprentices are the future of our industry and the JATC has given me the opportunity in a small way to help build that future.”


Brandon Wesley | 4th Year Instructor

“I am an NJATC alum, as well as the 4th year instructor for the apprenticeship program. I enjoy aiding apprentices as they transition from the final year of their apprenticeship into the first year of being a journeyman electrician.  My hobbies include spending time with family and reading.”

Additional Instructors

Nick Roose, Substitute, Instructor’s Aide, FDS Instructor

Special Recognition: 

Rebecca Axford, International Representative